The End

It is the end of an era. Say goodbye to Orange Is A Good Color. I'm a little sad inside :-) However - I'm excited about the next adventure! Salt For Flavor at saltforflavor.org. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!



Lot's of moving happening this month. The biggest move of all involves my family - they are moving out of the area to be closer to my dad's job. They will be gone by the middle of May :-( I'm pretty sad about them moving - but I know it will be better for everyone to live in the same area. My dad won't have to work away from the family anymore! Besides - my sister Rosie is staying here and my sister Hannah is staying for the summer!

The other move that's taking place is... My blog is moving to Wordpress! New style. New name.
Keep an eye out for the reveal!


Foodie Penpals

I am so excited! I am participating for the first time in a fun new program called Foodie Penpals! Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started the program back in September with around 30 participants as a way for foodies all over the country to connect and try new things. This month the program has grown to 600 participants in the US and Canada - not counting the new branch in the UK. How cool is that?!

Here's the short version of how it works (sort of):
 - On the 5th of the month you find out who you're matched with. - You have 72 hours to get in touch with them and figure out any food preferences. - You go shopping with 15 bucks and try to find all the cool stuff you can! - Before the 15th you mail your package. - You wait in anxious anticipation by the mail box until your package arrives. - You open your box and jump up and down with joy and excitement! - You resist temptation and take pictures of everything you got before devouring the wonderfulness. - On the 30th of the month you do a post on your blog about all the awesome stuff you got! - Then you start watching your Inbox for the next e-mail from Lindsay telling you who your new foodie penpal is!

Sound like fun? Visit The Lean Green Bean - Foodie Penpals for detailed information and to sign up!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Foodie Penpals!