Finding my man...

Last year my mom signed me up for an online dating site. It's actually pretty entertaining but the one she signed me up for cost about $30 dollars a month. So I was on there for a bit and then canceled my subscription. Until the end of December when I went online and joined a DIFFERENT online dating site - this one's free! Again - entertaining :-) I've actually started talking with a couple of different guys! It's so hard though... it's really impossible to get your personality to come through in a message. And one thing that concerns me is that there is no way to tell through an e-mail if you would really click. I mean - everything can be fine and dandy as far as your interests and convictions go but the only way to see if that "connection" is there is to meet someone in person. And what if you were to get far enough along that you wanted to meet (which is pretty far), and then you didn't hit it off. Or what if one person didn't like the other persons laugh or random head twitch but that person thought that everything was perfect! There's so much that could go wrong!!! It's pretty nerve wracking... I suppose I just need to keep in mind the fact that it is all under control (God's control) and there's really nothing I can do about any of it except prayerfully seek wisdom in each conversation and situation. One benefit of all of this is that it has made me really nail down what is truly important to me! And what I would be able to "compromise" on if the need were to arise. I've discovered convictions I didn't know I had :-)

The adventure continues!

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